Sabine Engelhardt MA Urban Design dipl. arch. RIBA

A chartered Architect with 10 years experience in Architecture, Urban Regeneration and Landscape Architecture, I have focused on creating buildings in harmony with the Earth: that are constructed using natural materials, are energy efficient and complement the site and its surroundings.

From 2004 I have studied Geomancy with various teachers from Britain and Slovenia, amongst them Marko Pogačnik and Richard Creightmoore. Ranging from houses, businesses and public buildings to local and regional scales, I have worked on a wide range of Earth healing projects.

My greatest wish is to base excellence in award-winning Architecture on a deep understanding how we interact with and are influenced by the energies of earth and cosmos. I am passionate about creating synergy between the environment you wish to live or work in and subtle levels of the site. Such an environment is likely to help you, your family or the staff of your business to fully unfold your/their potential.

Other collaborators

For each project we create a team to meet the specific requirements of a site and its surroundings. So far our main collaborators have been Mirjana Župan Leos, Biserka Šavora, Vesna Hlašć, Višnja Vretenar, Miro Juraj and Ruža Smrček.

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