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Events 2013
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Tours of the stone circle on Brač
with Sabine Engelhardt

Learn more about this unique monument of the famous Brac stone, which was created by an international team of artists.
The carvings in this stone circle honour the power of the heart and its intelligence. They explore how we can create a culture that brings us in balance with the natural world and ensures that we have a positive collective future which empowers us all.
The stone circle is 15 minutes’ walk from Milna.

To arrange a guided tour, please contact Sabine Engelhardt +00385 (0)997493711,,
Führungen sind auch in deutscher Sprache möglich. Nudim i ture na hrvatskom jeziku.

Every Thursday morning 7:30-8:30
11th July - 15th Aug, Milna, Brač
Morning meditation
with Sabine Engelhardt

This movement meditation honours the four elements of earth, fire, water and air, which stand for experience, vision, inspiration and wisdom. In this excercise we address each of these aspects through meditative movements in four directions. For most people this gives reassurance to walk their on their own path in life.

Meeting point bus stop. Price: Donation.

For further information, please contact Sabine Engelhardt on or +385 (0)997493711.

Sunday evening 18:30-19:30
7th July - 18th Aug, Milna, Brač
Evening meditation
with Sabine Engelhardt

For this evening meditation we visit the stone circle, which is 15 minutes' walk from Milna. We will connect with the deeper levels of its theme 'Honouring the power of the heart' and the stone carvings. This enables us to experience parts of ourselves, which are often hidden.

Meeting point bus stop. Price: Donation.

For further information, please contact Sabine Engelhardt on or +385 (0)997493711

12th-19th October 2013
Encountering Nature Beings - Walking Holiday
with Sabine Engelhardt, Island Brač, Croatia

This week we will dedicate to nature beings: to experience the elemental beings of water, earth, fire and air, of mountains, rocks and the sea and the guardians of ancient and new sacred places on Brač. Walking the beautiful landscape, we will learn a range of techniques to connect with them and heir wisdom.
Thus we will explore the unseen dimensions of the outer landscape, investigate how these touch our inner landscape, and what kind of inspiration evolves for our personal development. According to the group’s desire, we will also have spare time to relax, chat or swim.

Workshop contribution is 490-290 Euro including food and accommodation in shared rooms ......more information.

Events 2014
24th May -6th June 2014
72 hour permaculture design course
with Karmela and Miroslav Kis, Island Brač, Croatia

Permaculture is a way of life that strives for our human community to achieve harmony with nature. This permaculture course teaches how to consciously shape and design eco-systems that are biodiverse, supply us with nuitrious food and meet our material and non-material needs. The course covers many permaculture gardening strategies as well as the permaculture approach to life, which includes green building, water supply, sustainable sewage disposal, energy conservation, ideas how to enrich our communities and practical exercises. Miroslav and Karmela Kis are experienced and passionate permaculturists and eco-gardeners . The course will be held in English and the certificate is valid internationally.......more information.

For further information please contact Sabine Engelhardt, +385 99 7493711



Passed events
28th June - 5th July 2013
Creating a place for your soul
with Sabine Engelhardt, Harmony Centar, Island Pašman, Croatia
26th May -8th June 2013
Transformation through the power of the heart
carving Brač stone, Island Brač, Croatia

Following the positive response of last year’s Geopuncture project, we got together again to carve the famous Brač stone. We created cosmogrammes to the theme ‘Transformation through the wisdom of the heart.’ Cosmogrammes are a way of communicating with the unseen dimensions of the landscape that also deeply resonates with us humans. The stone pillars form part of an outdoor theatre to be built on Gea Viva’s land. During this seminar we will also explored the island’s mystic places and had time to relax, enjoy the sea and each other’s company......more information.

20th-27th December 2012
Radiating Unconditional Love - Meditation Gathering
with Sabine Engelhardt, Island Brač, Croatia

On 21st December about ten of us meet in the newly created stone circle for a two-hour meditation. This was a wonderful experience, braving the cold and being connected in this way. A smaller group continued with meditations on the following days, and we really touched the source of love in ourselves that connects us with the Divine and all life around us. confirmed.

20th-27th October 2012
Dragon Dreaming - Awakening and Living your Dreams
with Ulrike Reimann and Sabine Engelhardt, Island Brač, Croatia

The beautiful landscape in Murvica is an ideal place to find our inner light and to develop our personal visions. Dragon Dreaming is a fascinating method to discover our values and visions and shape the way we live and act: in relationships, teams and projects. Developed by John Croft, Dragon Dreaming unites die wisdom of indigenous cultures, creativity and knowledge of organisational development and systems theory.
In this workshop ten of us got together, Ulrike taught us about this fascinating method and we took two trip to places on Brač

20th-27th September 2012
Experiencing Oneness - Geopunture Project
with Wolfgang Tiller and Sabine Engelhardt, Island Brač, Croatia

Brač is the home of beautiful white limestone, and this time we will designed and carved cosmogrammes to resonate with the experience of oneness within ourselves and our surroundings. Together with will create a stone circle in an ecological garden. Cosmogrammes are carvings that enable communication with different realms of existence. The theme of our meeting was to assist in manifesting transformation impulses that have manifested in the landscape in the last few years. On the outset we investigated the feeling of oneness with the subtle realms of animal, elementary, plant and star kingdoms. Here are pictures of our work.

13th - 20th July 2012
Discovering New Worlds
Harmony Centar, Island Pasman near Zadar, Croatia

The cosmos has a fascinating variety of life and a rich tapestry unseen worlds. At this time of rapid environmental and political changes, we are invited to communicate consciously with the subtle worlds of existence, and to discover their wisdom. This will allow us to walk our divine path and to fully step into our role as co-creators on earth.
Exploring sites in the vicinity, we have practised and deepened techniques to communicate with the earth’s vital energies, star systems, angels and spirit guides.

3rd - 8th May 2012
Discovering Sacred Brač - Walking holiday
Island Brač, Croatia

In this walking holiday, we have investigated the wealth of Brač’s sacred places - hidden glagolitic hermitages, mystic caves, places of ancient slavic gods and goddesses, cosmic planes connecting with other star systems, points of manifestation, remote groves and a mysterious location in the sea.
From our base at apartments Nada, we headed off to different parts of the island for our walks.

28th Dec 2011- 4th Jan 2012
Creating the New - Visioning Workshop
Island Brač, Croatia

Four of us have spent time together here on Brač and have had an inspiring time with Tuning into our Visions for 2012 as well as reflecting on the year passed. What has become clear to me in this process is that as regards to the Gea Viva project, we have already achieved a lot. I would like to thank you all for your contributions in thoughts, deeds, actions and donations.

Outcomes of the gathering are that we are discussing holding a seminar on Dragon Dreaming with Ulrike Reimann here in cooperation with the association 'Kadulja' from Split, which was set up by Neno Roj. Dragon dreaming is a very successful method for developing projects that are sustainable for people and the environment.
We have also agreed with the guide of the dragon's cave that we will be able to hold a ceremony there that will enable all to experience this place how people might have experienced it in the past.

19th November 2011
Communicating with the subtle dimensions of space II
Zagreb 10.00-16.00, Meeting at Zrinjevac Pavillion

Two portals to the unseen world are presently opening in Zagreb, and a powerful leyline has manifested that carries the impulse of transformation.
In this one-day workshop we explored, perceived and supported these key points in Zagreb.
Sabine Engelhardt is an Architect and Geomancer and has been living in Zagreb for 1 ½ years. She has been giving seminars since 2007, works as a Bioarchitect and carries out energetic space clearings.

29th October 2011
Communicating with the subtle dimensions of space

The City of Zagreb is currently undergoing an exciting and profound transformation. For anyone who was unable to attend this workshop, I have organised a repeat on 19th November.


12th-16th October 2011, Brač. Unfolding Heart Qualities, Walking Pilgrimage with Sabine Engelhardt
Awakening heart qualities is very high on the agenda in human evolution. Within us we have the ability to create a version of heaven on earth. In this workshop we spent three days walking the land and exploring the heart line across the island. Through this we connected the land and ourselves with cosmic love.
The report will soon be available.

4th – 11th August 2011 Interweaving Male and Female Energies
Brac has a strong polarity of male and female energies that are waiting to flow again. At the last workshop we investigated these qualities within ourselves and on the land to see how we can transform to find balance.
To read the report, please click
here. A German version is available here.

27th April-1st May 2011 Dragon dreaming - Vital energies in the inner and outer landscape
During this workhsop we investigated various Dragon places on the land, a focus of new energies in the sea and developed our personal and joint ideas for the evolving project on Brac. The full report can be accessed more

October 2010 Workshop - Activating the heart centre of Brač 2
The island Brač lies within the focus of a cosmic heart centre that is of importance for a vast region. This area gives humans an excellent opportunity to experience oneness with nature and each other, which is of great importance at this point in time. In short it is an ideal location to explore a way of life that seeks a dialogue with the earth. At present this heart centre is com-promised by a number of blockages and this workshop was the second in the series to help this place to be more more

July 2010 Workshop - Activating the heart centre of Brač 1
During the first workshop on Brač we investigated the location and qualities of the heart centre and other geomantic points in the surrounding landscape. We found that the connection to new energies is important and the balance of male and female energies. Through visualisation and toning we initiated healing more

Summer 2008 and 2009 Mediteranien Garden Kava, Karlobag

Organised by Otvoreni Atelier, Zagreb, and project managed by the mosaic artist Sergie Mihic, the garden Kava is currently being transformed into an outdoor gallery for his work. The unique aspects of the surrounding landscape and the events that had taken place throughout the history of Karlobag’s fortress, suggested to research geomantic aspects in this process more (Croatian text)

July 2007 Kupa River Lithopuncture Project - Contribution
Along the river Kupa, Croatian and Slovenian geomancers carried out a lithopuncture project of carved stone pillars set within the river landscape. Mirjana Župan Leos took part in this venture to promote the connectio of this sacred land along the border between both countries with a cosmogramme for the heart centre of this area. Funded by the interregional EU programme, the group cooperated with the Slovenian author and geomancer Marko Pogač more (Croatian text)

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