the Earth's body is a mirror of the human body

The Earth’s energy system matches that of the human body. Located above the North Pole, the high vibration of the North Star, for example, corresponds with the human aura in the area above the head. Energy from the earth's core radiates outwards in the same way as charkas in the body radiate energy, which forms the meridians. The meridian network is just beneath the skin, and each meridian continuously forms branches on branches. Each tiny colourless branch terminates at a point so that every cell in the body is supplied by invisible life energy in the same way as nutrients reach the cells via the bloodstream. All parts of the body’s meridian network are interconnected.  Whatever takes place in one area therefore affects all other parts, and the entire system.

Earth Meridians are invisible energy lines that form a power grid on the surface of the planet. In the past some people traced and walked these unseen and often muted energy lines in the landscape. The pathways that have been created are called ley lines (from the Saxon word for a meadow or clean bare ground), and the corresponding energy currents resonate with the branching meridians of the body. Ley lines are often associated with megalithic settings such as a Stonehenge, and are found throughout the British Isles, Europe and the Andes.

Linking all geological structures in the invisible network across the planet, these invisible currents continuously divide and branch off. Rocks, rivers, mountains and valleys all form part of the planet’s energy network. The energy of the earth continues to be transferred to plants and animals. Giving life and creating all life on he planet, the earth's forces are intertwined with the energies of the creator. The environment is a unique system, an organic whole intertwined with unseen energy flows. Nothing exists in isolation.

happy gardens to your home

As a landscape architect, I have always searched for the patterns that underlie and trigger life forms. The knowledge of geomancy opens up a whole new world of subtle energies that support all life. The veil of mystique is lifted, and we can meet the invisible creatures of nature. By learning to communicate and relate to them, we can help them.

By developing this sensitivity, we become able to change ourselves.  Garden and parks designs are now created following research into the subtle levels of a site, and a dialogue with its beings. I have become aware that it no longer suffices to be just a designer, but to cooperate with the primordial world that is revealed.

In our society, as well as in other cultures, more and more people wake up and start to realize that we are a profound and inseparable part of all beings surrounding us, nature and the body of the earth. All this is shaped through interaction with humans. Through geomancy we can create spaces that foster healthy living, natural vitality, a sound immune system and emotional balance, forming the basis for creative and spiritual development.

Why happy gardens? This relates to the balance and harmony of plant species as well as the flow of vital energy. After researching the quality of energy sources the plant species are selected. One by one we decide whether the plant in question stands by iteself or froms part of a group. In this way subtle communication forms a strand of the creative artistic approach.

design and construction
  • Investigating the site’s potetial including to geomantic aspects and defining vital energy points on the ground

  • Aligning the purpose and function of the place in relation to vital points
  • Developing designs and land use strategies in layouts, cross sections and in 3-dimensional views

  • Selecting plants, materials and designing architectural elements
  • Estimating project costs

  • Project management

  Solar Plexus for Europe, Jarun, Zagreb
Cosmogramme in a garden
Lithopuncture project above Lovran
Megalith with cosmogrammes in front of Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb
  introducing Water as an element in garden design