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  The transformation process as a group work - you might choose to participate
Carving a cosmogramme
Example of a cosmogramme for a training college
Remodelling of a barn for optimal work flow
Example of inviting reception space
geomancy at work

The spaces we work in affect our lives deeply on emotional, physical and mental levels. They can either be support us in doing our best at work or drain our energy.

Harmonious and balanced work environments are likely to help to create a positive atmosphere, boost your employees’ energy, enhance concentration and thus increase productivity of your business.
Our unique expertise in Geomancy could provide you with the means of transforming your business. How is this possible?
analysis and investigation

On the plan of your business space, we determine the focal points of the following aspects: grounding, creativity, relations, yin and yang, solar plexus, the heart centre, the point of communication and anything else relevant. As places are capable of ‘remembering’ previous events, there might also be emotional or mental traces of incidents prior to you occupying these premises on emotional or mental levels We then establish the flow of each aspect and the potential of each source. Where a source is weakened or blocked, we initiate change during the second phase.

Blocked sources impact on your business operations. For instance, a blocked spot for relations can mean that you have difficulties with clients or business partners. People working at this location might also have strained relationships. We would say that the space does not support balanced relationships. Of course, peoples’ characters also play a key role in this: so some are strongly influenced by their surroundings whilst others are less sensitive. If a space is dominated by creativity, your business might be very successful in innovation and adapting to changing factors. If a source is blocked, these matters might present themselves as a particular challenge.
Geomancy holds the key to a wide range of improvements, which might be beyond your conceptions. We are happy to discuss with openly you what we could do in your particular case. A balanced site generates a supportive atmosphere for your employees, clients, business partners and to yourself. In turn, it is likely to help your business in being successful.
innitiating transformation

The second phase is the transformation of blocked energy centres to support the unfolding of authentic energies that have been present here always. This process involves toning and visualisations on site. This phase is quite demanding, especially if your business is on a historic site, such as a city centre. For centuries it might have been the focus of strong human emotions, and those might display great resistance to change. Such spaces need patience, empathy and tenderness to transform, just like people. In this cases, two or three treatments are needed, rarely four.

Following transformation, the healed space begins to harmonise with its original energies, and this process can take several months. This phase gives the impulse to your business to improve more and more.

For this process of improvement, your home needs consistent help and cooperation. We give this support by carving the optimised energy flow of your business into stone tiles, and placing these in key locations, holding the intention of healing. Through these stone carvings called Cosmogrammes, we create a system that supports the desired change by day and night.

In interior spaces we work with stone tiles that are mounted on walls or on the floor, in some cases. Externally, we place standing stones to suit your space and taste. According to which qualities are to be fostered, the locations of the stones/tiles are determined.This approach is called lithopuncture (litho=stone, puncture=spot), and is very similar to the practice of acupuncture in Eastern medicine. The stones are the material trace of our work with a certain space.

In conclusion, we need to emphasize that a balanced business space is great to support creativity and actions, finances and relations. But it is not a magic wand, and change depends half on the people and have on the space. Everybody makes choices constantly, and the space is the supportive vessel.
"Leos Gea have created two cosmogrammes for my workspace. The first grounds the place in the earth and breathes with her, helping all of us here to connet to the healthy and powerful energies of the earth. I sometimes see the breath of the earth rising from this cosmogramme as a pillar of bright white or green light. The second cosmogramme connects with heaven, and we call it the playground of angels. There dozens of little angels dance bringing ease and joy into the lives of us who witness their playfulness.."Z

Zdenka Andrijić

designing the "new" space

As we have seen, we are all dynamic living energy systems that are in constant interaction with the subtle energies of our surroundings. The flow of vital energies is strongly influenced by the colours, materials, the sizes and proportions of spaces, even by the furniture surrounding you. So all of this obviously impacts on wellbeing of your employees and co-workers and thus influences productivity.

Small changes can already have a great effect, and it might require less than you think to transform your workspace. Our design service can help you to create an environment that best suits your business needs. We can help you with existing and new buildings. Please contact us with your requirements.

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