Geomancy at home
Analysis with the help of plans
Finished analysis
Transformation through visualisation and toning
Cosmogramme drawing
Carving a cosmogramme
Finished cosmogramme - ready to be installed
Design to optimize energy flow
geomancy at home

We can start to look at our home with different eyes. This is the place where we and our families spend much of our time, and to which we are deeply connected. Living within it, we influence this space profoundly, and visa versa. Its energies can be supportive or detrimental – to varying degrees. Places embody vital energies on emotional, mental and spiritual levels. They are, in fact, a living being that captivates and memorizes peoples' feelings: love, joy, sorrow or anger, it memorizes words spoken, good and bad, insults and praise. Supportive energies are what we desire, and we are challenged by negative imprints, which affect us adversely.

If, for instance, we move into a house, which belonged to a person filled with fear, it is very likely that these fears are still present when they leave. Once we live there, the fears probably will take hold of us. For no apparent reason, we gradually will become more fearful than usual. Due to having this 'elephant' of fear in our home, we will probably connect to the collective notion of fear, exacerbating the situation.
Leos Gea initiates the transformation of adverse energies in your home to create a space that fosters your health and creativity – a space in which you and your family can fully unfold in a flow of authentic energies.
analysis and evaluation

On the plan of your home or business space, we determine the focal points of the following aspects: grounding, creativity, partnership, yin and yang, solar plexus, the heart centre, the point of communication and anything else relevant to your space. We then establish the flow of each aspect and the potential of each source. Where a source is weakened or blocked, we initiate change during the second phase.

Blocked sources impact on the life of the residents. For instance, a blocked grounding spot can lead to low income or difficulties in materialising ideas or. We would say that he space does not support the influx of money. I would emphasise that a person’s character and their attitude are major factors, along with the time spent in an environment: so a «strong» personality is more resilient to the influence of the space surrounding them, than someone who is very sensitive.
If a space is dominated by heart energy, members of this household can feel joyful, and feelings of acceptance and understanding might prevail. Equally, people visiting that home will come again with pleasure. If an energy centre is blocked, family members might treat one another with coldness, argue or be quite sad, depending on the emotion dominating your living room.
In this phase we analyse your space in terms of energy flow, imprinted emotional and mental patterns. If a problem is detected, it is usually interconnected on all levels. For instance, if the energy level of your site’s solar plexus is low, the emotional level can present itself as existential fear and great nausea, the mental level could show the pattern «what if I loose my job, how will I survive in those circumstances?
It is good to know that there is a cure for everything: This is why we seek to transform our space so it can support our growing and developing self.

The second phase is the transformation of blocked energy centres to support the unfolding of authentic energies that have been present always. This process involves visualisations and/or toning on site. This phase can be quite demanding, especially if your home is on a historic site, such as a city centre. For centuries it might have been the focus of strong human emotions, and those might display great resistance to change. Such spaces need patience, empathy and tenderness to transform, just like people. In these cases, two or three treatments are needed, rarely four.

After its transformation, the healed space begins to harmonise with its original energies, and this process can take several months. This phase gives the impulse to your home to improve more and more every day in every way…..


For this process of improvement, your home needs consistent help and cooperation. We give this support by carving the optimised energy flow of your home into stones, and placing these in key locations, holding the intention of healing. Through there stone carvings called Cosmogrammes, we create a system that supports the change by day and night.

In interior spaces we work with stone plates that are mounted on walls or on the floor, in some cases. Externally, we place standing stones to suit your space and taste. According to which qualities are to be fostered, the locations of the stones/plates are determined. This approach is called lithopuncture (litho=stone, puncture=spot), and is very similar to the practice of acupuncture in Eastern medicine. The stones are the material trace of our work with a certain space

In conclusion, we need to emphasize that a balanced home is great to support our creativity and actions, our finances and relationships. But it is not a magic wand, and change depends half on the person and half on the space. People make choices constantly, and the space is the supportive vessel
designing the "new" space

As we have seen, we are all dynamic living energy systems that are in constant interaction with the subtle energies of our surroundings. The flow of vital energies is strongly influenced by the colours, materials, sizes and proportions of spaces, even by the furniture surrounding us. In your Bedroom, for example, pointed objects facing your bed or shelves mounted above might disturb your sleep. If red dominates your Living Room arguments are more likely and dark colours on ceilings might mean that you find it difficult to develop a positive vision for your life. Certain materials can cause adverse health effects and might, for example, lead to headaches or skin problems.

Small changes can already have a great effect, and it might require less than you think to transform your space into an oasis of joy. Our design service can help you to create an environment that best suits your and your families' needs. We can help you with existing and new buildings. Please contact us with your requirements.

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