Do you sometimes dream of living or working in an eco house? A place that nourishes your body, soul and spirit, where you and your family can lead a healthy life, feel balanced, supported and truly at ease?

Combining the ancient art of Geomancy, ecological architecture and elements of Feng Shui, we create buildings, that foster harmony between people, places and the natural environment. This approach is known as bio architecture.
We use natural materials, because these are renewable and beneficial to human health. Being free of toxins that are emitted by many industrial building materials, Eco houses have an agreeable and healthy ambient climate, where the customer can live work and sleep comfortably.
As bio architects we base our designs on a physical and geomantic analysis of your site, through which we gain insights that inform the most appropriate position, shape or configuration for new buildings or adaptations. All our designs are specifically crafted to optimize the unique energy flow of each location. Please visit our portfolio for examples.

A key element in our approach is to listen to the clients’ wishes and needs. Like a life coach, we accompany our customers to develop their requirements for the construction project in a joint process. Through our creativity and experience, we then merge your requirements with the site’s potential to develop a structure that creates a balanced pattern of living together, at one with the living world.

We are based in Zagreb, Croatia, and offer the following services:

  • Geomantic site analysis and reports
  • Geomantic recommendations for construction projects
  • Architectural Designs for residential and commercial buildings
  • Advice on ecological construction materials and methods

For further advice and information contact Sabine Engelhardt on 099 749 3711 or

Model of Geomantic Eco House Design
  Plan of Geomantic Eco House Design
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